Pumpkin Spice Printing is Back!

Here at NEBCAL Printing we look forward to the return of pumpkin spice printing every year.

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When the press room and bindery, not to mention the staff kitchen, smell so good we know fall is coming. At least it’s coming somewhere.

Here in San Diego we look forward to wearing sweaters and mittens all year. Fortunately, we have to wait for decades to wear any of these warm clothes. However, despite almost no need whatsoever, we do switch from flip flops to boots, mostly because of the pictures on Pinterest. Check out our NEBCAL Pinterest page!

But back to the #pumpkinspiceprinting… It’s just a joke. There’s no such thing. But imagine if we could print everything in the fall with scratch and sniff in #pumpkinspice! Wouldn’t that be amazing? And save tons of calories too!

Here at NEBCAL Printing, we can print #scratchandsniff on any surface with any fragrance, including pumpkin spice obviously.

Here’s a recipe for pumpkin spice coffee cake. It’s a real recipe. This and the link to our Pinterest page are the only serious things in this blog.

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