Give a 2020 Calendar to Your Customers

Calendars, despite the variety of digital tools available, are still a great way to get and keep your company’s name in front of your customers’ eyes every day of the year.

There’s a comfort in having a paper calendar and they make it easy to see a whole month at a time. Unlike an online calendar tool, a desk calendar still gives users the chance to jot down appointments and phone numbers quickly. And with your company name and logo on the calendar, your customer will be reminded to call you more often.

Revive an old tradition of giving a gift to your customers at the holidays this year. We recommend that gift be a calendar, of course! Pair it with a few branded pens, keychains, or coasters and your customers will have you on their minds every day.

At NEBCAL Printing, we can help you design a fantastic-looking calendar for 2020. We offer single card, month-by-month, and full-year calendars. We can print at low or high volume and during the month of September, we are offering $50 off your calendar order.

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