San Diego Online Printing vs. NEBCAL Printing

NEBCAL Printing and San Diego Online Printing Logos

Along with NEBCAL Printing, San Diego Online Printing is based at 9240 Mira Este Ct here in the Miramar area of San Diego, near the famous “Top Gun” Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. We are also near numerous craft breweries and their delicious brewing aromas often fill the air outside.

So you might wonder why we are two companies here in the same place. Let me explain.

NEBCAL Printing has been in business for more than 41 years. We are a specialty, custom commercial printer, using large and small printing presses. Sometimes we talk about this as “ink on paper”, though we print on all sorts of materials to create unique promotional items, eye-catching vinyl banners, and various items like labels, neighborhood signs, and even business cards on plastic. We often provide design services for our customers.

San Diego Online Printing comes into play when a customer already has their art ready to upload. Our fun, DIY, online system guides the customer through the design, materials selection, and purchasing process. Then we use our digital presses to print hundreds of different items, at exceptional prices, and with super-fast turnaround. Our customers are always delighted with the quality of the 4-color digital printing and since we always proof your work before it prints, they know their job will be perfect. Plus, most domestic jobs get delivered or shipped for free.

So when you have a more technical job that needs special attention, call us at NEBCAL Printing and when you need it fast and have your specs in mind, order online at SanDiegoPrinting.Online

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